On December 12 in Borovets launched the international scientific conference “Industry 4.0″

Between 12 and 15 December in Borovets will be held the international scientific conference “Industry 4.0″. Organizer of the event is the Scientific and Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering and it will be attended by scientists and companies that will present high-tech products and services.
The conference program includes wide-ranging topics as the dominant technology in the Industry 4.0, Business and Industry 4.0, and more closely research, including the creation of Cyber-physical manufacturing metrology model, the management of manufacturing operations, smart tools for Industry 4.0 and many others.
Along with Bulgarian, the event will be attended by scientists and companies from Serbia, Ukraine, Georgia, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Germany, Egypt, Italy, Slovenia and others.
The full program of the event can be found here.

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