ifm electronic supply high-tech laboratory equipment in the University of Ruse

Company ifm electronic provided high-tech equipment for the modernization of the laboratory in the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”, said by the company.
Renovated laboratory at the department “Automation and Mechatronics” discipline “Sensors and sensor technologies”, which was officially opened in September, this year, is equipped with sensors to monitor distance, position, level, pressure, temperature, comparison and recognition objects, 3D cameras, barcode readers and a safe curtains from ifm electronic.
During the official opening of the modernized laboratory, experts from ifm electronic made a demonstration of the technological capabilities of the equipment and introduced the proposed product portfolio of the company on the Bulgarian market.
“In the laboratory in the University of Ruse we delivered the latest from currently offered similar equipment on the market. It is characterized by high performance and ease of use. The sensors allow quick and easy installation, connection and commissioning. They also offer many new opportunities to achieve higher productivity of machines and processes,” said by the company.
After the modernization students and doctoral students from the Department “Automation and Mechatronics” at the university will have the opportunity for practical training with the new equipment installed on four bench. It can also be used for various research.
“The new equipment allows the development of various applications in the field of automation with the latest generation technologies that are used in practice. This allow us to get closer university education to the real industrial processes,” commented from the University of Ruse “Angel Kanchev”.

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