TLL Media took part in an international tour of ”Value of Water” in Netherlands

From 10 to 15 November in the Netherlands held a media tour “Value of Water – Industry and Wastewater”, dedicated to the treatment of industrial wastewater. The event, organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, was to present the successful experience of institutions and businesses in the purification of water from production. It was attended by media representatives from various countries, including Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Finland, Albania, Thailand, Sri Lanka and others. The only Bulgarian participant was publishing professional technical periodicals TLL Media.

Within the tour were held numerous meetings with representatives of water companies in different provinces, where was explained in detail the principle of operation of the sector. International guests had the opportunity to visit landmark projects such as wastewater treatment plants, plants for biogas, waste processing plant and other.
Especially interesting was the meeting with representatives of the WWTP of Schiphol airport, where wastewater from aircraft are processed and the visit of St. Anthony Hospital in city Sniyk.

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