Recycling Bulgaria offering a new compost turner

Recycling Bulgaria presented on the Bulgarian market new compost turner BACKHUS 16.30 of the German company Backhus. “BACKHUS 16.30 is extremely quality compost turner that combines high performance with low cost. Completely self-propelled, easy to transport and maximum rolling, equipped with economical 47.5 ps (35.4 kW) diesel engine. Thanks to its compact rubber tracks, the turner can be operated without risk of damage on any surface – asphalt, concrete, paved surface, gravel, etc.. It is effective, economical and advanced solution with powerful performance for small and medium-sized municipalities and manufacturers in the field of horticulture, livestock and bioenergy. Suitable for farms between 1000 tons – 10,000 tons of fertilizer per year,” explained by the company.

“In the treatment of solid waste the turners of Backhus provide fast drying, safe sanitation and optimal process of decay. The compost is homogeneous and suitable for storage. The low humidity and reduced volume decreased significantly the transport costs. Recycling Bulgaria provides free advice on the current European programs, by which can be purchased the offered machines and equipment “, complemented the importers.

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