Kammarton Bulgaria expanded its range with CompAir compressors

Recently Kammarton Bulgaria became official representative and an authorized service partner in Bulgaria of CompAir, said by the company. “CompAir has more than 200 years experience in manufacturing of wide range of compressor equipment, compressed air and technical gases. Today, it is one of the leaders who develop and enforce new standards for quality in compressor technology and energy efficiency of machines. The company production bases are located in Germany, Britain and Italy. CompAir brand machines are well known and worked for years on the Bulgarian market”, said by the Kammarton Bulgaria.

“We offer a complete range of CompAir, taking into account the specific needs of each client: butter plate, screw oil, oil free, mobile, piston compressors, refrigeration and adsorption dryers, filters and more. The latest technologies to improve energy efficiency, combined with years of experience in manufacturing compressors, CompAir products make natural choice for any production. Six-year warranty provides full security of client machines in operation”, complemented by the company.

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