Company Indumatik offers a new turbine generator of DEPRAG

Company Indumatiky, partner of the German manufacturer DEPRAG, offers on the Bulgarian market turbine generatorof electricity with patented technology to generate 5 to 20kV power exhaust or heat, announced Indumatik. “With this innovative solution every manufacturer can make full use of exhaust or residual heat from its production to generate electricity. Calculations made on the basis of the German Act on renewable energy show that can achieve economies of two euro cents for 1kVch “said the Indumatik.

Indumatik DEPRAG offers products of the country by 2010 “in the company’s product range includes a wide range of pneumatic tools for assembly – handheld and stationary screwdrivers turbine grinders, drills, sanders including tools for explosive environments and mining . This product group includes the fastest grinding, which develops a speed of 100,000 rev. / Min. DEPRAG manufactures and vane, gear and pneumatic turbine engines are widely used in manufacturing, food processing, chemical industry and others. “, Complemented by the company.

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